Going Linux

2000px-Tux.svgSo at work I was recently promoted up to Jr Systems Administrator. This means I’m officially joining our DevOps team. It’s a much welcomed promotion since it means I’m getting off the help desk officially, just providing backup support. I’ve been in the industry long enough that I’ve done my time in the trenches of help desk and I am a much more advanced user. At my previous job, I was a “systems administrator” but it was with our Windows systems. I then moved up to “Network Administrator”. VLANs, and routers, and switches, oh my!

I recently hit the end of my probationary period and I was presented with the option to go to the IT Infrastructure team – my path of least resistance, if you will – or go to DevOps and learn Linux and become a systems administrator? I chose the DevOps route. I’ve been using Linux for quite some time, however I never became a master of it. Typically, I’d reinstall Windows on whatever machine I was using at the time. This time, though, I’m keeping with it. I installed Ubuntu on a spare laptop of mine and this time I’m keeping it there. I also re-added myself to the Linux Counter project. If you look in the sidebar, you can see I’ve been using Linux for almost 10 years. I’m really excited to not only take on my my new role as Jr Sysadmin but to be the best sysadmin I can be!

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