House & Wife

Few big things recently happened in the last month. I got married and the new missus and I finally found a house. After looking at more places that were either going under contract as soon as we walked in the front door or just lacked things like Internet access, we settled on a new construction. The nice thing about new construction is that as the neighborhood fills up, the price is going to increase, and we’re one of the early buyers so we are getting some instant return on our investment.

Let me tell you that getting married in a pandemic sure is interesting. The nice thing about it is that we were able to plan a small, intimate wedding. Where we originally had a guest list of 80, it quickly came down to under 30. Even then, it was exhausting. I don’t know how people can do a wedding with more than 100 people.

Mrs. Newton and I are settling into our new life just fine. It’s just been fun updating everything that we’re now married – and Mrs. Newton is now Mrs. Newton.

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